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yzf600 thundercat broken clutch pushrod


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Friend of a friend has had a chain jump off his thundercat taking the pushrod for the clutch with it.

I have had a quick look and the hole has a slight oval (the crank casting) and the seals goosed. The pushrod is balls deep in the engine anybody pulled one out? if so what method was the best (before i start making a fool of myself) im assuming they do just pull out as the manual online mentions removing to check straightness.

Was going to have a bash at long fine drill and small tap/drill in and pull out with same bit. Im not sure even if it does come out that a new shaft and seal will work but its got to worth a try before we look at replacing a bottom end casting.

Input please!!!!!



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if you remove the clutch you can tap it out from that side. You may be able to get a thin drift on it without removing the basket, just the plates, short pushrod, and ball bearing?

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