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Mystery vibration


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Well, after another trip to a Ducati mechanic, he reckons he has tracked down my mystery vibration problem.

He took the side cases off and found a heavy residue of coppery/brassy particles in the oil. He reckons that the an oil seal in the crank cases was fitted the wrong way around at the factory and that it has done well to get to 27k miles without doing more damage.

He reckons that the big end bearings are starting to pick up due to oil starvation and that has accelerated the wear and cause the vibration.

He is gonig to strip it to the crank to investigate this week. He reckons from the extent of the vibes that the crank is likely to be OK and that the bearings will have taken the brunt of the damage.

Still, it is likely to cost in excess of €1,000 between bearings, gaskets, oil and labour.

Buggery, buggery, buggery, bollocks!

That is all.


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I'm going to find you a thread from a ducati owner who posts alot on the SV650.org forum...he had an expensive problem aswell, not the same as yours, but you're not alone..


...ok, back. Basicly, this chap had a clutch that had excessive free play in only one direction, causing massive wear on some bearing components I think. Lots of things had to be replaced...



They reasoned that it would be cheaper to have the bike fixed, rather than buy another bike. Good call I reckon.

Wow, thanks for that mate.

At least it gives me a good idea of what's going on in there.

The 4s uses essentially the 996 engine with some different heads because it uses a derivative of the 888 frame that has less clearnace twixt wheel and horizontal cylinder.

But the big rotating gubbins are all the same.

I've been told though, that a new crank is about €1,600 alone!

Still, this guy is confident that we have caught it early enough and he says that the old Desmoquatro motors are actually well over engineered in the 4s application so, fingers crossed.

The really awkward bit is that I had booked in my ZXR750 to have the carbs set up when I expected to have the 4s back, so all this beautiful weather and I am bikeless! Hairy arseholes!


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