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GSX-R 1000 K5 owners, advice required


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I have the front end off the bike ATM as the forks are being rebuilt.

The headraces are shot and I am about to remove the yokes to replace them. I have the C spanner required to remove the top bearing, and am dreading the removal of the lower race. I have a BFO screwdriver to use as a drift, if anyone has done this job on a K5 specifically, I'd be interested to hear how hard it is to get purchase on the race via the headstock? Removing the race from the steering stem might be a bit of a bugger too.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

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I've done it on a K3. Pretty easy job really. The headstock has notches to allow access to the races. Just take your time and tap it out, working around the race to stop it twisting and jamming.

To reset, I used a length of threaded high tensile rod, and cannabalised a gear puller (£12 from eBay) to get the 3-spoke "fingers". I put on set top and bottom and wound a couple of nuts onto the threaded bar to pull the new races in. Dead easy. I could just as easily have tapped them in, but it was the first time I had done headstock bearings, so I went for the safer option.

Just take your time and you'll be reet. :icon_blackeye:

Of course if you fuck it all up, or lose a couple of fingers trying, then please make sure to take pictures and post them here so we can all take the piss! :(

Any accidents will be reported here right away.

Good idea about the install. I have a length of threaded rod, some nuts and a couple of large washers I could use with some big sockets. Great tip, thanks!

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