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Lap timer instructions


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Guest bikertiger
Can anyone tell me how to work the lap timer on my bike?

I don't have the owners handbook and can't find it in my PDF manual :(

give us a minute. It's the same on the ten......

i'll post up details.

It's not that simple to use in my opinion... but....

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This is from memory, but on my B1H you go to the lap-timer mode on the dash, pull the start stop trigger and bobs your uncle.

i THINK from then on, the trigger is a lap button. You might have to press reset on the dash to stop the stop watch.

Then every click of the reset button displays each lap time (?)

hold reset to reset timer.

ALSO, if you didnt already know, hold down both reset and mode buttons for a few seconds and you can set the shift up light point and brightness :rolleyes:

Ill have a look when i hop on it tonight.

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