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Front Fairing for KTM Superduke


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I want to fit the race top fairing stay from a 2003 R1 to my KTM Superduke track bike.

I've seen it done and they weld lugs onto the headstock.

I don't want to do that if I can avoid it.

Any ideas?

I have been thinking that the best solution might be the simplest, a piece of mild steel bent around the headstock with two holes in it that correspond to the holes in the fairing stay. Bolting it up would clamp everything tight. It would be a 5min job for anyone with access to a vice, hammer, hacksaw and a metal bar of about the right diameter. Sadly that's not me as since we moved house I have no bench, vice, etc.

Can anyone recommend someone that can help?

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Can't see your idea being secure enough tbh.

How about making a bracket that uses the front tank mounts and goes up to the mirror mount points on the fairing, then use a couple of points off the side of the frame to mount the sides?

If you want to bring the bike/fairing down here for a day I'm sure we can make something.

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