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06 Fireblade exhaust valve mod


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Hi I have removed the servo cables and am going to lockwire the exhaust valve open on my 06 fireblade

as the valve is only there for exhaust noise. Has anyone tried this cheep mod had good results,


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No need to lockwire it open, the internal spring will keep it that way.

Do not disconnect or remove the servo motor, or the ECU will flash a fault up on the dash.

It's also worth drilling out the baffles (32mm holesaw on an extension bar)....gives a much deeper exhaust tone (not too loud) and makes it breathe a bit better.

Also disconnect the intake flapper as well.

This little lot will help to flatten out the big dip at 5000RPM. Also makes the throttle response a lot better at low revs.

Will the PCIII programe currently running ideally need altering to allow for the intake flapper mod?

When I get chance I'll get it dyno'd but right now wanted to get it at least past 400 miles. :thumbsup:

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I'm happy to send you the map I use. OK, I know it is a custom map for my bike, but it might be nearer than the ones off the Dynojet website (which were horrendously rich).

Ohh, and I wouldnt bother putting on a dyno until there a lot more miles on it. Let the engine bed in first (maybe 1500-2K miles?)

Thanks for the help, I'll leave the flapper mod until the Akrapovic can on the way is fitted and I've put some more miles on. Then look at a full system, flapper mod and book in a dyno session.

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