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ZX6 B1H Do Earlier ZX6 Wheels Fit?

stupid luke

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I have a 2004 B1H track bike which has the 3 spoke wheels as standard. Does anyone know if earlier wheels from a G or J model will fit without modification?

It will be useful if they do as I am after a cheap set of wheels from e bay to put wets on.

There is plenty of info on US forums about fitting later wheels, 05 on, to these bikes but that involves measuring and modifying and milling bits off and my head starts hurting and then I fall asleep.

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http://www.cornwallkawasaki.co.uk/shop/sho...ram&id=1708 - J1 Rear

http://www.cornwallkawasaki.co.uk/shop/sho...ram&id=1509 - B1H Rear

Check out the links they have the same part numbers and the same bearings front and rear, only difference seems to be price, B1H stuff is a lot more expensive. Have a look on your wheel and there should be a wheel code, search the code for compatibility is another way to do it, I'd help there but my bike is 3500 miles away.

I know for certain that G/J/A model wheels are interchangeable.

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Thanks Buster. It looks like earlier wheels will fit. The numbers on mine are 14111 F for front and 14112 R for rear. I guess the thing to do is buy a cheap wheel from an earlier bike and sell it on if it doesnt fit.

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Yes earlier model wheels will fit but you need to watch out for the following:


You will need the wheel specific spacers - so J/G wheels need J/G spacers, B wheel need B spacers - Wheel spindle is identical where it matters.

You will need the earlier brake discs too - B discs will not fit on J/G wheels, but J/G discs on J/G wheels will line up with B calipers

You will need a 10mm spacer kit with longer bolts to space out the calipers to accept the larger diameter J/G discs.

Finally if swaping from J/G to B wheels and discs you need to ease the pads back a tad as the B disks are significantly thicker.


Simple swap - no issues just bolt it in

I've been running J wheels on my B for a couple of years and it's no biggie to deal with the differences.

Hope this helps


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Hi Taq

Thanks that is a great help. Buster and I had pretty much worked out that the back wheel would go nice to have it confirmed by someone that has done it though.

Great info on the front. I will keep looking for a B front as I have spare discs for a B model but failing that I now know how to get an earlier front to fit.

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Hi Dave

That sounds like a good price to me. Are you at Brands this or next Sunday? If so, I will get it off you then. If not I will pm for paypal details.

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