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redusment sleves

speedy sie

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two sleves needed.

two 1mm and two 1.5mm wall thickness

75mm in lengh

a top lip of 4mm

lip will be 1mm thick.

after being spun up,will have a 2mm slot running down the length.

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point noted,was a thinking about this as i could do it my self,but the old lath we have is nut up to this fine a cut , chuk is not that acurate as im sure it was used to build the bloody bouncing bomb as it is that old

so might go with titanium....if eny body can help..or stainles if not,

or another strong alioy?

of even some plastic stuff,that pcf ?

i asume the factory ones are magnesium?

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Here's one of Nick's, with XR0 magnesium yokes and early Kayaba forks.

Note red anodised inserts around the fork legs.

You would have to get Nick to measure his top yoke and then check the size of your top yoke to see if Nick's have been modified to suit the forks?


A colourful selection of anodised parts there...

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yes these arew the same yokes i have ,nick gave me the top red inserts,but the forks(ohlins)im getting will shim at the bottom aswell.

ohhh.better get some bog roll,wot a pic...

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I can do you some sleeves at work, but will obviously need the sizes of your forks, and the sizes of your yokes.


(PM Beek if youre concerned about me making them)

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