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Replacing USD fork bottoms.


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I believe someone on here did a bit of a how-to on replacing the forkbottoms on USD fork. But have been searching and kind find anything.

Anyone got the link?


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No..............but, if you can remove the forks and strip them so you have the sliders and the fork bottoms seperate fro the rest then..........................

There is a grub screw, holding the stantion (fork tube) into the fork bottom. A little heat and an appropriate sized allen key should remove it. (if it doesn't, you may need to get it drilled out)

Once the grub screw has been removed, you need to clamp the fork bottom in a vice (clamp onto the caliper mounting lugs, this will save the fork bottoms from being mangled in the vice) Using your blow torch/oxy-acetylene torch, heat the aluminium fork bottom-around the area the stantion is screwed in) try to move the torch around the whole circumference of the fork bottom (so its not just being heated in one place). Its a bit difficult to say how long to heat it for, but I would say about 10 mins? Place a suitable sized bar through the pair of holes, drilled in the "free/open" end of the stantion (near where the bearing/bush is) and start to try to unwind the stantion out of the fork bottom. If possible whilst still heating the fork bottom. (Sometimes you get a "puff" of smoke coming from the stantion/fork bottom, as the loctite used on assy gives way). Just keep using heat, and unwind the stantion out of the fork bottom, making sure when the stantion is close to being unscrewed, you grab it with a pair of leather (gardening) gloves or cotton rags etc. Burns on your hands hurt like fuck and take 'kin ages to go............


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