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Having fitted a modified top yoke with welded bar clamps (alloy) and stainless wist angle flat bars (vincent straights) to my old 608 single, I found that I needed 100mm longer throttle cables. As the bike is 24 years old I spent a long time scrolling through on line parts fisches to find something that might have the same ends... to no avail.

Someone suggested I try Venhill Engineering ... so I phoned them and spoke to a helpful and sensible lady called Caroline, I duely posted the existing cable off to them and within a week recieved back my custom made stainless braided, chrome ferruled cables. Fitted these this afternoon, what can I say... outstanding. Both in terms of finish/appearance and service.

The stainless items are quite expensive £60 ish for the pair, but they will make standard black items for half of that price.

More importantly, they phoned me twice to make exactly sure that the spec. I wanted was adhered to and that the angles of the ferrules and fittings was correct for my requirements.

Venhill Cable Components


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