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Doing it on the breadline


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Hi guys, just a quick question about exhausts! I've got an 08 R6 and have decided to mod it a bit over winter so it fee5s new again come spring time, i'm not taking it too far with the mods but will do the usual items like exhaust, air filter, power comander etc. The problem is i want a full exhaust system but my bank balance doesnt, 1 thought is to buy a standard downpipe and cat off ebay and chop and weld until ive got an rc8 inspired masterpiece, its cheap and i made a full stainless from the turbo back for my car and it sounds great! the flaw being it may not be an advantage as far as performance is concerned as i know sod all about gas flow! the alternative is to buy cheap decat headers for 153 quid off ebay and get a traditional side mounted can to go with it. opinions and suggestions guys??? cheers!

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