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How much play In rear suspension linkage?

rsv chris

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I have recently took the shock out of my mille and when the weight was of the swingarm I managed to move it vertically a tiny amount, not even a mm.

I have stripped the rear suspension linkage and found the needle bearings in decent condition, you can't feel any play if you try to move the inner sleeve, and they roll smoothly.

So should there be no play and am I just not trying hard enough? And I also checked the swingarm pivot but that's good.

The play must come from the linkage.

Is a tiny amount of play normal, does anyone know of limits?

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My mille is an old shape one, so hopefully I won't be suffering from the side plate wear you mentioned. I looked at them on removal but shall inspect them a bit more deeply.

I was just reading my original post and I just want to make it clear that I felt the play with the rear end all together before I took anything apart, I'm sure that's what you understood anyhow.

And it does make sense a bit of play I suppose the bearings can't have no free play, and the length of the swingarm multiplying it.

Phew I was scared I would actually have to part with some cash, being a tight fisted northerner.

Cheers millemille

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