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Swarf on drainplug


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I am stripping the top end of my KTM superduke for a winter half rebuild.

When I drained the oil I had 4 or 5 bits of metal ranging from 3 to 5mm long stuck to the magnetic bit on the drainplug and some other assorted crap. Some silver and some black in colour all attracted to the magnet.

As I say I'm stripping the heads and barrels and have all the bits I need for a full top end rebuild including rings, gudgeon pins, camchain tensioners, etc.

Advice please.

If I cannot find significant damage to ferrous components in the top of the motor does that mean a complete strip down?

With this amount of metal should I be worried / not worried or gently put everything back where I found it and flog it fast?

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The drain plug in my KTM looked like this, not long before my bloody expensive rebuild.



It was the crank bearings. Hopefully yours isnt!


Edit- mine was noticably noiser though before it went for its rebuild, and I knew something wasnt right. If the bike still sounds ok, I would just keep an eye on it, see what it looks like next time you dump the oil.

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How does your gearbox feel? I'm expecting some gearbox trouble on my Superduke sooner ar later.

Its always been a bit notchy. Are they a known weak spot?

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