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ohlins suspension


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ok so decided to upgrade my suspension ( 07 r6 ) and been browsing the T'interweb and found 2 ohlins rear shocks..



ttx 36

now call it vanity....... but as ttx technology is used in racing, the ttx is the daddy of shocks.. but which would be best for general road riding/pissing about/trackdays

any feedback appreciated



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If they're second hand then you'll need a rebuild/service/respring anyway. After that, if you're just road riding/pissing around/trackdays you probably wouldnt notice any difference between the two.

If you're chasing the last tenth on laptimes (at national level), or endurance racing then maybe the ttx would be worth the extra.

For your useage I'd be very seriously considering a rebuild/revalve of the standard, very very good rear shock on the R6. National races have been won over here on the standard R6 shock.

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Other shock brands are available too. Ohlins have bling value (as well as being very good obviously) but if I was doing it all again I'd look very hard at Nitron given the bumming they've received recently in the magazine. Penske would be on the maybe list too. Both are quite a bit cheaper than Sweden's finest.

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