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Cleaning white leather boots


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Right, before i start, this will NOT remove all stains and such from your precious white boots.

Mine, are all year round boots, well they were till i got some Black Halvarsson boots, and before i had my black sidis.

So, obviously, my white boots were grey/brown.

Here is an easy tutorial for you.

You need

1 bar of dove soap - HAS to be dove

1 spray bottle of gentle leather cleaner - from a furniture shop is good.

1 toothbrush

1 bowl warm water

1 towel.

Basically, stick the bar of dove in the bowl of warm water and leave it to soak for a few mins.

Spray the cleaner all over the boots and leave for a few mins to penetrate the cracks.

Stick the toothbrush in the warm water and quickly scrub all over the boot.

Next, scrub the toothbrush end all over the soap, so the bristles are covered.

Scrub like a bastard the boot, every now and then spraying down with the leather cleaner, and wiping all residue off with the towel.

Keep going till you are satisfied with the results.

Below is the photo of mine, after 15 mins of scrubbing one boot, and one boot pre-washed, not amazing, but a damn site better!



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My V2 Sponge works a treat on light coloured leather, and it doesn't need any ionic surfactants, unlike the Cillit bang approach.

When I say it works a treat, I actually mean it's 'kin brilliant.

Wallpaper steamers are also very good on light leather if used gently.

I'd definitely avoid the use of stuff like Cillit bang, leather is after all only strong if it stays supple.

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Cheers for this. :eusa_think:

My SMX Plus are horrendously dirty now, and I've tried cleaning them fuck knows how many times now.

Plain old wash powder in hot water with a scrubbing brush always used to do the trick on my 91 schwantz alpinestars!

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Cif or other harsh household products will get your boots clean but I wouldn't recommend them! Hot soapy water is too harsh for leather as it drys it out, stripping it of it's natural oils and cracks it basically meaning you're helping your boots to deteriote!

It's best just to clean them with warm water and a softish brush to get the worst of the crap and debris off and then follow that with a proper leather cleaner. I use a brand called Sonus which is actually a car leather interior cleaner. It works amazingly on my 7 year old Alpinestars Stunt, yellow and white leather jacket and it was filthy and had never been cleaned since I bought it.

Here is a link to where you can buy the kit I used from http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/interior/son...it/prod_39.html

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Good advice from Harvey regarding real leather but most race style bootees aren't so clean away, don't blame me if they fall apart though, my sugestion would be black boot polish...

coat got, I'm on my way... ;)

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In an effort to prove how well the stuff I recommend is, I've brought my 7 year old Oxtar TCS Sport boots in from the garage and will post up pics of them before and then after I've given them a good going over with it.

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In an effort to prove how well the stuff I recommend is, I've brought my 7 year old Oxtar TCS Sport boots in from the garage and will post up pics of them before and then after I've given them a good going over with it.

Sounds good! get em up asap! i have a "lovely" retro leather 1 piece, mostly white (well actually now mostly cream) gonna give that a try over the winter if this proves good! :xmas::beerchug:

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Here are the pics of my Oxtars after roughly 7 years of use never cleaned. I have spent this evening cleaning them (yes, I am that sad) the with Sonus products I spoke of earlier in the thread and I will put up pics up of them in there "cleaned" state tomorrow along with a short write up.





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Right then. Firstly cleaned all the plastic on the boots with plain old soap (Simple) and water and an old nail brush and as expected it made little difference but was hoping for better with the leather as I've already thoroughly cleaned my Alpinestars leather jacket recently which is about the same age as the boots and it came up brilliantly.

OK so the leather. I used Sonus Leather cleaner which is marketed for car leather interior cleaning but as it's a pH balanced cleaner that's safe and effective for most pigmented, aniline and imitation leathers I knew it would be fine for any motorcycle leather products. It's formulated to gently clean leather without drying it out and stripping it of it's natural oils. It was bought as part of the Sonus Leather Care Kit that also includes, Sonus Leather Conditioner and a Sonus Applicator. Here's a pic of the bundle and a link to where you can get it from



Basically I applied a small amount of leather cleaner onto the yellow "scrubbing" side of the applicator and proceeded to thoroughly scrub the boots in small sections. Simply give a section a good scrubbing and then wipe over where you've just been with an absorbent towel or cloth. Each boot only took about 5 minutes and all stains and dirt has been removed leaving a really clean and from a distance, a new looking pair of boots. Obviously although good it isn't able to remove the scuffs and scrapes collected in over 30,000 odd miles of riding but just the cleaner alone leaves all the leather feeling supple as it moisturises whilst cleaning. All that's left to do after the cleaning is wait at least half an hour for the leather to dry before applying the Leather Conditioner which I wiped on and left to dry to a matt finish.

Job done, here's the pics though tbh they're not great and make it hard to see the massive improvement made.




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I throw mine in the washing machine!

They come out clean, but not white.

They are sixteen years old and battered to hell so it doesn't matter.

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i've had white MX boots since i started racing in 1990

i've used the same product for cleaning them and other road race boots since then

Shaving foam....gel if you wanna be posh. intense soap for moisturising your skin.....works for my leathers!

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