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Cheste 2009


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One word to describe Cheste - MENTAL.

Here are some videos johnnymack63, Si and myself took while there this last weekend;

1st get the rules right

Town with no cars Check

Lots of cheap beer Check

Town with no cops Check

Streets packed full of people Check

Bike can do anything Check

Lots of drunk guys & Girls on bikes Check

Lots of fine ladies Check

Young Lad revving engine

Cheste 2009 burn out

Cheste 2009 Burn out 2

Cheste 2009 Quad wheelie

Cheste 2009 Street night club pr 1

Cheste 2009 Revving an engine

Cheste 2009 Bizzare bike contraption

Cheste 2009 360 degree Burnout

Cheste 2009 Street night club pt 2

Cheste 2009 Burnout 3

Cheste 2009 on Saturday


Cheste 2009 360 burnout pt 2


Cheste 2009 rev limiter with nice neon lights


Cheste 2009 on Friday night


Cheste 2009 Burnout 4


Over and out

Gooseman :D

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