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DJPC3 - Power Commander 3 GSXR1000K5


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Just bought a used one, and have downloaded the install docs from the DJPC webiste. What is worrying me after reading them is that you have tap into a wire:

"9 Locate the Throttle Position Sensor on the right hand side of the the throttle bodies.

10 Locate the PINK wire with BLACK tracer and crimp the supplied wire tap to this wire.

11 Plug the grey wire from the PCIII to the wire tap (Fig. F).

Note: It is recommended to use dielectric

grease on these connections."

I'm assuming (not got the item yet) that the tap they mention above will not be re-useable, and I hate Scotchloks. Anyone got any good ideas for tapping the TPS wire without botching it?

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