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Aircooled RD250parts availablity


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Righto, frst off I know next to bugger all about two strokes. I've had them in the past but never for long and not for ages.

What's the availability of engine spares like for a/c rd250s? May have found a bargain, but am assuming it'll need a full engine strip and build. Not going to bother if it's into the realms of unobtanium and/or years of searching autojumbles for bits.

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As far as engine parts go they're easier to get parts for than some bikes still in production. Mudguards are silly money as are tanks and plastics if you're looking for concourse. I bought a bottom end for £30 at the start of summer to cannabalise the crank from and that was a complete set of cases, clutch and generator covers, clutch and gearbox. Prices don't seem to have gone through the roof quite as bad as LC bits yet. PJ Engineering can get hold of pretty much everything and you should be able to check prices on their website. Hope this helps, Ben.

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If it's complete (ish) V5 etc. I would have thought it's worth it .

Is it running but rattley , what model is it , year etc. ?

Cranks are easy enough to rebuild , get quality Jap pistons , (Prox) not Chinese/Taiwanese recycled cokecans.

I know a fair bit about them , owned 2 .

As has been said original pipes , mudguards , seats etc. are stoopid money , but if you're flat tracking it then , no problem .

Sold mine for 900 about 4 years ago , half wish I hadn't ..


I've still got a few spare bits and pieces , including some bottom ends and maybe some barrels :eusa_whistle:

Sir will be wanting something like this ..


I'm thinking along the sameish lines with a Valve engine to do a tribute to this ..


Probably the most insane motorcycle ever built , it scared Kenny Roberts FFS !!

Get it bought NOW !

You know it makes sense ...

This lot are good as well RD forum

PM me , happy to answer questions .

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