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My 350lc With 3ma Front And 125RR Rear ** Ongoing Project **


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Any regular posters on the rd forum would have seen this but I thought I would share it with you guys....

This is my attempt on building MY perfect LC. It started back in July 07 im determined to get it finished for next year being the 30th anniversary od the LC.

So far were looking at 3ma front end with a 125rr rear wheel into a metmachex, Its got a lightly tuned ypvs lump with a zeeltronic programable ingition, V force 3 reeds PWK28 Carbs. Pipes will be some Gibson detatachable can style made for the bike.



Gonna have it Ford diamond white with these decals.


Wanted to keep the "striped" bodywork. Thinking about a fancy set paintwork aswell but thats for another day. Was modeling the colours on an old TZ I saw at stafford a few years ago but some people have said its like the castrol sp1 either way its gonna be burning TTS.


Swinger was made to my spec, same length as a standard arm but with slot adjusters. Made to fit the wider back wheel and take the TZR caliper.



Heres a few pics of the rearsets. The'll be annodised black. Please excuse the nasty bolts they were the only m10 bolts I could find.




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Engine cases back from the powdercoaters, just gotta re-polish where its been masked.


Built most of the engine, just waiting on bits from the chromers and need a new clutch basket. Wont take much to finish.




I have a billet side stand being made as we speak, been told it'll be with me next week. Once I have it everything will go down to Gibson for the pipes to be made. Black chrome detachable can type kicked up at the back end to follow the lines of the panels. Also waiting on a new 4000 series Acewell speedo to be delivered. Once thats turned up I can get the billet yokes sorted. Then after that its making a wiring loom, welding some new brackets on the frame and getting it powdercoated. Paintwork should hopefully go off around christmas... and obviously sort all the finishing touches. Starting to sound too easy :eusa_think:

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Picked the paintwork up this morning...



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