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RS 500 tested on the roads of New Zealand


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Has anyone dared to ask them how much an engine is?? Or is it a case of "if you have to ask"!!

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I asked and here is the reply.

Thanks for writing.

As to buying whole RS500GPs, obviously the pricing is dependent on spec. New bikes are priced from £9750 and that's with OEM Aprilia running gear, with forks and rear shock sprung and damped by our GP tech to your weight and riding-scape - although most of the bikes we are currently building for customers have the HRC RS250R front end conversion with 43mm forks, and forged aluminium or magnesium wheels (depending whether road or race bikes) or BST carbon fibre wheels. Rim sizes are typically 3.5" or 3.75" fronts, and 5.5" or 5.75" rears.

These chaps are serious about giving it to the ponderous four-stroke crew!

Obviously the high-end spec options cost extra. Quite how much extra depends on the spec but to give you an idea, the brand new 43mm HRC fork legs cost around £1200, and you would have a good idea of the price of aftermarket wheels I'm sure.

Yes these additions are steep, but by crikey they aren't half worth it. They transform an already gibberingly thrilling bike into a GP machine.

But then again a lot of chaps are ordering their RS500GPs @ the base admission price of £9750 and resolving to purchase the HRC upgrade as a kit later on. Naturally the OEM Aprilia running gear can be sold to at least partly offset the price of the new components.

A cheaper way to go is to buy a TSS500GP engine kit - details here: http://www.twostrokeshop.com/TSS.htm and build your own engine/install your own engine mounting cradle and so on. or you can go the hybrid way of buying from us a complete plug and play kit with a fully-built engine ready to drop in.

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