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R1 Akrapovic headers.


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Akrapovic headers for a 2002 R1. Will they fit on a 2000 model?

hmmmm... tricky one :eusa_whistle: but I think the answer is 'no'

whilst they aren't designed to fit, I'm sure they could be made to if required. There aren't too many changes to the engine block between the carbed and FI models, but how the engine sits in the frame and how the exhaust mounts to the subfame are different.

So you might find yourself having headers that fit, or can be made to, but you might need the link pipe for the 98-01 models, and I bet you that won't fit the 4-2-1 headers.

EG. on the 4-1 akra system, the 4 headers run into a 4-1 collector right under the sump. There's then a relatively long link pipe out to the can.

whereas on the 4-2-1, where it goes down from 4 to 2 to 1, the link pipe to the can is then shorter

here's the 4-1 akra headers off my '99 4xv


see how short it is from the headers to the end of the 4-1 collector?

now compare it to the 02/03 headers shown here


see what I mean? And I think - though I could be wrong - that if you use the link pipe for 02/03 system it is bent and angled differently to the 98/01 one, so the can won't mount properly to the subframe. It either pushes it too wide or doesn't go wide enough to clear the swingarm, or something. Whichever way it is, I'm sure that's not a solution.

edited to add: here's a pic I found of the full system, showing the length of the link pipe relative to the headers etc


You might also want to consider some words from Ivan's Performance in the good ole U S of A

from http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/carbs.htm

My carb kit for the R1 is designed for a 4-1 designed exhaust for that model, not 4-2-1. The 4-2-1 design causes very strong resonance on that model. This in turn causes very poor operation in the 3-4000 rpm range, right where you spend the most time during normal street riding conditions.

There is no way to use the carbs to tune out bad resonance that is caused by the pipe. Sometimes velocity stack length can help here, but a pipe that has it's resonance timed incorrectly for the range of operation that you use the most, will cause you hours of unnecessary grief trying to get rid of the flat spot. (Which won't go away anyway!)

and from http://www.ivansperformanceproducts.com/r1.htm

R1 Carb Kit

Part # R1-9800...$120.00 For off road use only

This kit is the result of 8 months of combined testing. It is designed exclusively for use with a 4-1 (not 4-2-1) exhaust systems.

Personally, I would get the correct 4-1 headers that akrapovic designed for the carbed bike.

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Wot Monkey says, number of people prefered the early system on the FI bikes for the better mid range that the 4-1 gives, don't know of anyone doing it your way round, was a tight fit from memory though

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