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T595 Daytona fork clunking


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Hello there,

I recently bought a 1998 t595 daytona from a triumph dealer. It relatively quickly developed a clunking noise from the forks/head bearings under braking which I presumed was a head bearing issue.

Bike is under warranty from the dealer, so took it back explaining the issue. They said that they checked the head bearings and they're fine, but rather the problem is to do with the top yoke and how it fits to the fork stem. They told me it was a known issue with these bikes and is a Triumph design flaw rather than a mechanical failure. They refiitted the top yoke assembly and the problem has stopped, but concerned it is going to come back, and want to make sure it's properly sorted before warranty runs out.

My question is: has anyone heard of this 'known issue' before? I can't help but feel the dealer was chatting bullsh1t to avoid having to change the bearings under warranty.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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My 1999 Speed Triple was clonking like a bastard. Took it to the dealer and they did the same as what they did for you. Every thousand or so kms until I had the yokes changed...

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