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A much debated subject...


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...running an engine in.

Or for me its more 'which oil to use when doing it'?

Im hoping to have the KTM engine back soon and Im after tips on the best oil to use when running it in.

I already have my running in method sorted, I just need to know which is the best oil.

My plan was;

  1. To put 10w/40 semi synth in for a couple of hundred miles (as I already have some) and 'run it in'.
  2. Drain it, and replace all filters etc.
  3. Put the recommended 10w/50 in and run as normal from there on.

There are some really knowledgable people on here (Im looking at you Millemille as I know youve been re-building your KTM recently :angry::D:icon_salut: ), and so Im asking you, does this seem like a good way to do it, or do you know a better/tried and tested way of doing it?


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Normal engine oil...

20 minutes idling with occasional blips of the throttle until the engine has got up to full temperature (if you've got a fan fitted, until the fan has come on/run/gone off at least once).

engine off, leave it to get stone cold and check for leaks and that the oil level is good.

Another 20 minutes of idling with regular blipping of the throttle.

Let it get stone cold.

20 minute ride using no more than 1/3rd throttle - don't let the engine labour and keep going up and down the revs.

Let it get stone cold.

20 minute ride using no more than 2/3rds throttle - same as before, up and down the revs and don't let it lug.

Let it get stone cold.

20 minute ride at full chat.

Drop the oil, replace the filters and check the pick up screens.

New oil

Job's a good un..

Excellent. That is the method I did intend on using.

I just wasnt sure which type of oil was best for running in, mineral, semi, fully synthetic etc. I'll just stick the leftover 10w/40 semi I have in it for the job. Because for the recommended 10w/50 fully synthetic at £40+ for 4 litres, im definately not putting that in just to drop it after 80mins running time!

By the way, the 540 made 58bhp peak (on a dynapro dyno, so about 63 on a dynojet) and has at least 15% more power everywhere and is a bit of a monster..

Nicely :icon_puke_r:

What cc is it now? And whats next on the list, because they are never finished...

Mine made 60.11bhp on HM Racing dyno, whatever type of dyno that is :eusa_whistle:

Cheers for the help


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