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Aftermarket Dash / Clocks

Tony Nitrous

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The bikes a late model 07/08 GSX1400, clocks are scrap.

Never used anything other than stock factory dash/clocks.

GSX14 one's seem fragile and few and far between in the wreckers.

Looking at aftermarket. Have a limited budget but dont want to go

too cheap and nasty (Pushy speedo)

maybe something like a Vapor or Koso or ????

How much can i wire into the smashed clocks multi-plug,

using the bike's signals from the stock loom ?

In an ideal world id like to wire everything up to the stock

plug and make them a direct replacement.

How many things will stop me?

Stuff like main beam, indicators, neutral etc should be real easy.

Speedo? Fuel guage? Temp guage?

Whats going to need its own feed ?

I know some folk use pick-up's / sensor's with their aftermarket clocks,

Just wondered as mine are electric not cable can i use the original feed signal ?

....and whilst im here......

How much work would it be to use GSXR/Bandit/other Suzuki clocks ?

Would they use a similar "feed" signal ?

Im keen to have a go,

but my knowledge of electrickery is pretty limited.

Advice/info would be good.


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I have a translogic dash on my YZF 750 track bike which cost me just under £500 a few years ago it's a lovely piece of kit and well made, it's been crashed twice and survived, however I don't think it's the best option for the road . Yes it has a gear indicator and lap timer but for road use (unless your at the isle of man) this is neither here nor there , what I need is a clock fuel gauge and a couple of trips and this is where the Koso comes in which I have on the ZXR 750 . It cost about £220 and is good value for money .it has all the usual idiot lights including engine diagnostic light (although being carbed I don't use/know how to wire this in) .

It's a coddle to wire up you just use your existing cables, it comes with two temp sensors one for oil one for coolant but I used the oil one for air temp which I mounted in the air box ,it also has a built in fuel gauge which has the parameters already programmed for different manufacturers ,two trips ,pre shift light(orange) shift light(red) and a oil/coolant over temp warning light .soo bang for buck I would look at the Koso.


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Thanks bigkev. Good info.... :thumbsup:

I wonder with the Koso, do i HAVE to run a new pick-up for the speedo

or can I use the bikes original sensor's feed ?

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Not too sure , it uses a standard Hall sensor which picks up a signal from a disc bolt (or similar) if you knew the output of your original sensor (in Volts)you may be in luck but you need to tell it how many pulses it should receive (E.G. Disc bolts) which could be a problem if your original sensor comes from a gear from the gearbox.

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Pretty sure it takes its signal from, or near, the gearbox sprocket.

Not a real drama if I cant use it.

I want to make as much as possible a direct plug-in to the old

clocks feed from the loom. If I need to run 1 extra pick-up I can

live with that.

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I use a Koso it has the option for a mechanical speedo feed but I am sure there is a different atttchment for a electronic one, it has rev counter 2 temp inputs, volts, it has a couple of warning lights and shift lights as well.

piece of piss to wire in and works a treat although I dont use the speedo function (you can press the buttons to make the screeen a big rev counter) it was really quite cheap but can remember how much exactly.




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Thanks tanuki, I appreciate that. :thumbsup:

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Koso works for me also.

Although i cant answer your question re; speedo pick-up, i used magnets on front disc.

You can view/download install manual from suppliers website to gen up before buying.

Also importer/supplier was really helpful on phone.

Good value i reckon

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Thanks Guys. Im away for a while in May,

so just doing my homework, when I get back I'll

make a desision and get into it.

Koso are looking like the way to go.


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  • 5 months later...

Now have a KOSO RX2N.


It use's an Active Speed Sensor not a Passive Speed Sensor

so there's no magnets to glue on, although im still looking into

ways to use the original factory speedo feed.


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Not too bad so far,

found permanent live / ignition live and earth.

Indicators / main beam / oil light / back lights were easy.

Plugged rev counter into original feed, seems OK,

Fuel guage seems OK,

Adjusted shift light and pre-shift light settings,

set clock and date.

Put the speedo pick up supplied on for now,

doesnt use a magnet, just counts "changes" so should

work with either disc bolts or spokes in disc ( 8-of)

I'd like to use the original feed but thats something i'll

look into in the future.

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Going to make some new bracket to mount it lower,

and will double check to speedo against my GPS,

but everything I wanted is now working.There's still

oil temp and air temp senders to play with sometime.




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